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Find professional guidance and specialized services to work toward your complete wealth management needs.



Financial Planning

Your long-term plan is designed in an effort to maintain your lifestyle without making significant changes in retirement. You’re provided with a long-term projection of cash flow, asset values over time, and even a “stress test” of your plan to ensure its strength should financial headwinds occur, like inflation or long-term illness of a family member.


Estate Planning 

Your plan includes a full review of the estate plan you’ve set in place, including the key people named in your plan, to be sure it remains consistent with your goals. We’ll also educate you on current estate and tax laws, always looking for opportunities to make your plan better. Should you agree that changes are appropriate, we’ll work with your legal partner to be sure the revised plan is drafted in a fashion consistent with your priorities.


Business Succession & Exit Strategies

You’ll be thoroughly educated on the five ways you can exit your business and the “pros and cons” of each strategy. Once your strategy is chosen, we’ll facilitate the process so that you’re in the best position to exit your business on your terms. We’ll also review all current business succession documents and insurance funding to provide you with a full summary as part of your plan. We’ll make relevant revision recommendations based on your goals and be responsible for ensuring changes are implemented.


Investment Planning

Your portfolio will be designed in a coordinated fashion with your financial plan to give you confidence about your assets. Assets are managed to be fee-sensitive and seek to minimize the adverse impact of income taxes on your annual return. During our periodic meetings, we will review your investment plan to be sure you’re on track and identify any appropriate changes with you.


Impact Investing

You’ll have access to holistic solutions designed in an effort to optimize your investment strategy and generate positive impacts — not only on financial returns, but environmentally and socially, too. Driven by your short- and long-term investment goals, we’ll partner with you to implement a custom plan that supports what matters most to you. We’ll also review performance as part of our periodic meetings to ensure your investments remain aligned with your overall goals and objectives.


Tax and Charitable Giving Strategies

If your legacy includes a charitable plan, our process identifies your charitable objectives and helps you understand how to potentially maximize benefit to charities while minimizing taxes to you. We’ll also help you develop a multi-generational charitable plan that your children and grandchildren can appreciate and participate in during your lifetime.